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Great people, offering reasonable & great products. Their breaks are fun to be on & your cards are handled and packaged with the utmost of care.

Joseppi Deski

I came into this hobby with no information and no knowledge. I started with Blazing Breakers and the dedication these guys give their business has made learning and enjoying the hobby worth while. With Blazing Breakers you aren’t just another client, you are more than that, you become part of a community. These guys bring the HEAT!

Leo Zelada

I been a member of the group a little while; however, I only started breaking and looking for cards with Breaking Breakers this month. I have already pull FIRE several times being a member of this group. Hit or miss, it has been fun to watch fellow group members pull FIRE as well, either in the same pack, box, or break. Money cards come individually protected by the hard case in the package and shipping of all cards is timely. I truly enjoy being a part of this group! Let’s continue to pull FIRE together!

Kintay Johnson