People Are Winning Big in Trading Cards Right Now!

Joining Blazing Breakers on their breaks may not only give you that thrill that you once had growing up but even has the chance for rare cards and big money. Trading cards are bigger than ever right now! They have seen a drastic increase in sales over the past few years. eBay reported that card sales had increased by over 142% in the past couple years as more and more people joined. They sold over 4 million cards just between 2020 and 2021 as collectors are becoming more involved with box breaks. Over the past couple of years, the most expensive cards ever sold have been broken twice as cards continue to gain value. In fact, the most expensive card ever sold right now is currently $6.6 million!

Blazing Breakers has seen some of their community make great gains on cards! Here are just a few examples:

·         A purchase of only $45 in a football spot landed someone with a Tom Brady card, valued at $2500!

·         A box bought for $99 turned into a $2250 Joey Bart Auto 1/1

·         Tom opened of box of Prizm basketball for $399 and walked away with a Lebron James card that sold for $3,250

In just those 3 scenarios that is over a 1,473% gain!

Blazing Breakers offers very affordable options so everyone can get involved. Exciting hobbies don’t have to run down your bank account. In fact, on top of their affordable break prices, Blazing Breakers has a selection of cards under $10 for collectors who are trying to get involved. Box Breaks are becoming a fun trend for many reasons, such as collectors looking for that rare card they’ve been looking for, people trying to get cards for their favorite team, or even just an investor looking to win big. With Box Breaks becoming so popular, now would be a great time to seek that thrill with Blazing Breakers!

By Tyler Heckman


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