Who is Blazing Breakers?

Making purchases online with companies you might not be familiar with can be unsettling and may pose the question “Can I trust this company?” or “is this a gimmick?”. Rest assure, both Tom and Matt are exactly the type of guys you want leading Blazing Breakers to provide its client base with a safe, smart, and fun approach to card collecting. As Veteran business owners, Tom and Matt have consistently displayed the integrity, intelligence, and relationship building that is perfect for this company. They’ve made card collecting exciting! 

I met Tom almost 20 years ago as we were both young, enlisted Soldiers preparing to go to Iraq.  Serving with him on several assignments and watching him become the leader, father, husband and more recently CEO of Blazing Breakers has been extraordinary. Tom has always sought out the tough military assignments to push himself throughout his career and has always remained passionate about helping others. 

I met Matt over 15 years ago when he was my Platoon Sergeant in Iraq. During that time, I watched him display all the traits you would want as a leader and mentor.  Without question, he always had his Soldiers’ best interests as his priority which is no surprise to me that he has risen to the rank of Sergeant Major in the United States Army. Matt is also a Husband, father and co-runs Blazing Breakers LLC.

Aside from their military backgrounds, you might be interested to know who are Tom and Matt as business owners. Blazing Breakers started in August 2020 but have already earned a reputation of trust from their clients. Below are just a few examples of what clients think of Tom and Matt:

  •     “Great people, offering reasonable & great products. Their breaks are fun to be on & your cards are handled and packaged with the utmost care.” (Joseppi Deski)
  •     “With Blazing Breakers you aren’t just another client, you are more than that, you become part of a community.” (Leo Zelada)
  •     “Money cards come individually protected by the hard case in the package and shipping of all cards is timely. I truly enjoy being a part of this group!” (Kintay Johnson)

These are just a few examples of thrilled clients that Blazing Breakers have served. Without question, Tom and Matt have built the foundation of a great company and I cannot wait to see where this takes Blazing Breakers in the near future. If you’re looking for a trustworthy company to grow your card collection, join Blazing Breakers

By Ron Brennan

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