MLB Mixer 0188 (b)

MLB Mixer 0188 (b)

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MLB Mixer 0188

30 @ $28.99

1x 2021 Select Hobby
1x 2021 Bowman Hobby
1x 2021 Museum Collection Hobby

9 Hits! 

Tons of parallel #d cards! 

*All randoms are done via multi-round giveaway system with verification code.

*All live breaks are done via Youtube and our Facebook Page.

*All prices include shipping. Shipping is done once a week

*All cards ship all the time.

*The name of the team that appears on the card, will receive that card. If there is more than one player on the card, then the team that has the active player, will receive that card. If all players are active, or all retired, whoever owns a majority of the card, will receive the card. If, this is a tie, a randomizer will be done. If player is in non team uniform or team is not identified, the card will go to the most tenured team.